Welcome to the City of Empire



The City of Empire is Minnesota's newest city and incorporated on February 28, 2023.

Empire is a growing city on the southeast edge of the Twin Cities urbanized area.  Although the City of Empire expects continued growth in the future, it is proud of its rich agricultural history, which remains an important part of the City's identity.  The City of Empire is also home to the Whitetail Woods Regional County Park and the Watt Munisotaram.  

Empire City Hall, located off of 197th Street, holds the offices of the clerk-administrator and deputy clerk.  The office is open Monday through Friday.  The City Council, Planning Commission and Park and Rec. Committee hold their regular meetings there.  

The City of Empire provides many essential services for its residents.   These include water & sewer, fire protection and ambulance service on a contracted basis and regular road maintenance for all seasons.   Police protection is provided by Dakota County Sheriff's Office.   

Empire operates its own sewer and water systems within the residential areas.   We have three operational wells and a water tower. Our sewer system is connected with MCES.  These systems are maintained by City personnel.

The City of Empire has over ten miles of biking/hiking trails that connects with other local trails.  Motorized vehicles are prohibited on trails.  Empire has several neighborhood parks:  Town Hall Park, Sachs Park, Empire River Preserve Park, Stelzel Park.