Location: Any park or trail owned or operated by Empire Township.


Summary: Assist the township staff in maintaining the natural beauty of the parks and trails in order to provide a fabulous park experience for all residents.


Outline of Responsibilities: 

  • Pick up litter and debris in park/trail selected in consultation with the Township Clerk/Treasurer
  • Place filled trash bags at the predetermined collection sites within the Park and along the trail.
  • Assist staff in identifying unusual park conditions. Special projects or long- term park improvements.
  • Monitoring of park should be done on a regular basis, usually at least twice a week during the warm season, and as weather permits in the cold season.  Some sites may require additional time commitments.


Park Improvements:

  • Identify inappropriate use of park/trail and report to Township Clerk/Treasurer.
  • Be a positive representative of Empire Township and good role model to others in the Park and on the trails.


Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Adequate supervision must be provided to volunteers less than 18 years of age.
  • If service is done as group, one individual must be designated as the group representative.  All communication with Empire Township will be directed through the group representative.
  • Volunteers must wear gloves and closed-toe shoes while volunteering.  Boots are recommended.
  • Limit work to the designated area. 
  • Arrange to obtain the provided supplies with the department staff on a timely basis.
  • Return borrowed or unused supplies to Township Clerk/Treasurer.
  • Volunteers make up their own schedule.
  • Park/trail sites are chosen on a first come, first served basis.


Project Restrictions:

  • Power tools, equipment and machinery are not permitted.
  • Do not repair or attempt to repair Empire-owned property (i.e. swings, playground equipment, bridges, etc.)  Report any necessary repairs to Township Clerk/Treasurer.
  • Do not pick up any hazardous or unreasonably heavy or large material.  Report these items to Township Clerk/Treasurer.
  • Permission must be obtained from Empire Township for additions or changes in the landscape or facilities.
  • Our departments will review locations available for adoption before parks are assigned to an organization.
  •  Adopted spots will be reviewed.   The adopted spot may be terminated at any time if the said work is not being completed or if the location is found to be unsafe for any reason.
  •  Volunteers must abide by all Park Rules and Ordinances


Time Commitment:

  • The Township prefers a one-year minimum commitment from volunteer(s).  At the end of this year, an organization or individual may renew, change sections (if available) or terminate.


Time Frame:

  • This Adopt-a-Park/Trail opportunity may begin at any time.  Clean-ups should be conducted at least monthly, or as frequently as deemed necessary at the particular park/trail.


Empire Township will provide:

  •  Trash bags, ties and trail maps
  • Removal of collected trash and debris


Volunteer(s) will provide:

  • Travel arrangements to and from the park
  • Personal clothing appropriate for the project (i.e. shoes, boots, work gloves, etc.)
  • Snacks or meals during the project, as needed
  • Insect repellent, as needed



  • Supervision will not be provided.  Adequate supervision will be the responsibility of the volunteer group, and is required for volunteers under the age of 18.


 Other Considerations:

  • Volunteer efforts must not interfere with park/trail users.
  •  This project is designed for individuals or small groups and organizations (i.e. community groups, civic organizations, churches, and individual citizens).