Builders Information

Empire's building inspectors are:
            Inspectron, Inc.
            15120 Chippendale Ave., Suite 202
             Rosemount, MN   55068
                    Phone:   651-322-6626
                    Toll Free:  800-322-6153

Before you dig

   Call: Gopher Stat One Call   651-454-0002

♠   Lot Grading Review is required
           Once submitted to Inspectron or the City of Empire, it will be reviewed by the city's engineer, Bolton & Menk

♠   Separate Plumbing & Mechanical permits are needed


Before A CO is issued -

  • Grading As-Built Review is required (Once submitted to Inspectron or the Clerk, it is reviewed by our engineer at Bolton & Menk)
  • Driveway
  • **Landscaping - 2 trees per street frontage
           Silt fence must stay in place until lawn is established

 **Landscaping:  Per the Developers Agreement:

Unless the lot already has two (2) trees on it, the Developer or lot purchaser shall plant sufficient trees so that there are at least two (2) trees on every lot in the plat, one of which must be planted in the front yard.  The trees may not be planted in the right-of-way. The Developer or lot purchaser shall sod the front yard, boulevard, and side yards to the rear of the structure on every lot.  If the landscaping is not completed in a timely manner, the Township may enter the lot, perform the work, and apply the cash escrow toward the cost.

             Section 24: A – Additional Requirements

 12.   Landscaping on private property shall be consistent with City ordinances and shall be completed by the home builder.

  16.  All residential lots shall be sodded in the front and side yards to the rear of the dwelling, and shall be seeded in the rear yards, and shall be planted with required trees before occupancy, unless a landscape escrow is provided for conditional occupancy between the months of November and May 1st. Then the landscaping shall be completed by June 1st.

15. Erosion Control:  All areas disturbed by the grading operations shall be stabilized per the MPCA Stormwater Permit for Construction Activity.  Seed may include temporary seed to provide ground cover as rapidly as possible.  All seeded areas shall be fertilized, mulched, and disc anchored as necessary for seed retention.


~~No temporary CO's will be issued between May 1 through November 1~~

 Escrows required for temporary CO's between the months of November and May 1st

  • Landscape - $2,500.00
  • Driveway -    $3,500.00
  • Silt Fence -   $  750.00


Property Site Address,
Erosion Control and
Rock construction entrance
Must be installed and Maintained

~~No inspections will be completed until all are in place and properly maintained.  Re-inspection fees will be charged for non compliant visits.~~